An Open Letter to the Moms who Pay for Professional Photos - kericastro

Hey there Mama,

          It’s OK that you’re late. I know you had to do a million things to prepare for this and to get the family ready, in the car, and on the road to come see me. I know that every possible thing that could have delayed you happened. And I know that you even gave yourself extra time, just in case, and it didn’t work out. You aren’t the only one this happens to – and you made it here. We’re off to a good start.         

          The kids look great; please don’t worry if the blue of her shirt is slightly lighter than the blue of his shirt, or if the little one spilled some water on his shirt. The outfits are important, sure – but what we’re really here for are moments. Little pockets of love, warmth, and tenderness between you and your family. Besides – there’s always Photoshop.          

          Yes, I do notice that your husband doesn’t seem super enthused about having his picture taken, but I don’t mind. I know that this isn’t for everyone and that loads of people are uncomfortable in front of the camera. I’m not offended – it’s my job to put him, you, and the kids at ease. Just enjoy each other – I’ll take care of the rest.          

          So please, take a breath, let it out and enjoy this: a sunset with your family on the beach, an afternoon in the park –playing, laughing, exploring, a quiet moment amidst the chaos. Pretend I’m not here, and just be. Don’t worry about posing, don’t worry about fixing your hair – you are beautiful, just as you are. Your kids are beautiful – full of life, curiosity, and splendor. Your husband is beautiful – stoic and reserved, quiet and kind. Revel in them, and revel in yourself – because that’s what I’m doing – taking a moment to revel in your beauty, and to share it with the world.

Love, Keri